Mission Statement

A Fun, Safe, Secure Place For Children

Childminding Services

Available to children eight weeks to their seventh birthday, the childminding service offers our youngest members a variety of free play and creative art activities every day of the week. Infants eight weeks to one year old receive up to two hours per day. To reserve a spot please pre-book visits by calling Childcare. Children over one year old are welcome on a drop-in basis for up to three hours per day. All children attending Childcare are required to have a completed “Childcare Registration Form” on file.

Closing Time & Hours of Care

Please take note of the following Board-approved rule change affecting late pick-up of children.

Effective immediately:Infants or Children who are picked up past the daily maximum hours OR the posted Childcare hours of operation are subject to a $10/15 minute late fee charge per child. Children will not be accepted into Childcare a half hour before closing.

Remaining in the Club Rule

Parents must remain in the Club while children are attending Childcare except for personal fitness activities, i.e. walking, running, cycling that start and end at the Club. In this case, parents must have cell phone communication with Childcare. The registering parent must designate the area of the Club in which he or she will be located so that a Childcare employee can make immediate contact, in case of an emergency. Leaving The Glencoe Club in a vehicle and/or arriving back to the Club in a vehicle does not comply with Club rules for leaving children in Childcare.

ILL/Sick Children

Your child is considered to be ill if they have started prescribed medication in the last 24 hours, had a fever or chills in the past 24 hours or any other contagious symptom such as nasal excretions, cough, sneezing, diarrhea, rash, drainage from eyes or general behavior of not feeling well. If you observe these symptoms , please reschedule your child's visit to Childcare or Play Club.

Personal Items
Please clearly label all children's personal items with their name. This includes soothers, bottles, sippy cups, comfort toy or blanket.

Infant Bookings

Ensure you book a space for your infant as space is limited and in high demand. Cancel your bookings in advance to avoid a $10 “No-Show Cancellation Fee.” Please be on time for your appointment. Arriving late may reduce how long your infant can be in Childcare due to back-to-back bookings.

Signing Children In & Out

Please ensure your child is signed in and out of Childcare each visit. The Sign In/Out sheet is used by Childcare employees to account for the children in our care.