Update – May 13, 2020

Dear Members,

We are excited to start the process of welcoming you home to The Glencoe Club! Starting tomorrow, May 14, we will be able to offer limited services at the Club that are in alignment with those laid out by Alberta Health Services and the Government of Alberta.

Similar to the Alberta Government’s relaunch strategy, we are focused on a strategic, measured and controlled phased approach.


Over these first weeks, our initial phase of resuming service will include:
  • Café 29 for pre-ordered take out only. Download menu.
    • Orders accepted by phone at 403-287-4102 between 10:30 am – 6:30 pm.
  • Argyle Kitchen + Patio dining at 50% capacity with a limited menu.
    • Opening date coming soon.
  • Pro Shop for retail purchases only.
    • Monday to Friday: 11 am – 6 pm
    • Weekends & Holidays: 11 am – 5 pm
  • Chiropractic & Physiotherapy appointments in the Wellness Centre.
    • See available hours and booking details in the Member Access Package
  • Elbow Park Tennis Club for singles tennis and private lessons only.
    • Opens Friday, May 15 (weather permitting)
    • Monday to Friday: 9 am – 8 pm
    • Weekends & Holidays: 9 am – 6 pm

Club Hours of Operation for this Phase will be Monday to Sunday, 11 am – 8 pm.

Before visiting the Club, please ensure you have read and understood all protocols, guidelines and restrictions detailed in our Phase 1 Re-Opening: Member Access Package. This will help you know what to expect upon your arrival and specific protocols for all services available.

Our Glencoe Club standard of service remains very high, however currently, compliance, safety protocols and measures to ensure the health and wellness of our members and employees will be our default decision making criteria.

To ensure the safety of both our members and employees, The Glencoe Club is:
  • Limiting Club access.
  • Enforcing physical distancing.
  • Providing employees with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Installing plexi-glass barriers in close-interaction areas.
  • Decreasing contact points.
  • Increasing cleaning and sanitization procedures.
  • Requiring completed COVID-19 HEALTH & COMPLIANCE DECLARATIONS from both members and employees before entering the Club.

Our Team is also going through rigorous employee onboarding to prepare for the new requirements. All member-facing employees will be wearing personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and we have installed plexi-glass barriers for our safety and yours. We have also decreased all shared contact points and increase all cleaning and sanitizing protocols.

All members must sign a COVID-19 MEMBER HEALTH & COMPLIANCE DECLARATION before accessing the Club. This form can be completed and emailed to info@glencoe.org prior to your first visit to the Club, or upon arrival at Main Reception.

During this phase, social guests and reciprocal members will not be allowed to enter the Club and only members who have pre-booked a service or program will have access. On arrival, member access will be through the Main Reception Entrance only (on the south side of the Club). Please ensure that you have your FOB or Membership Card with you to ensure a seamless and touchless entry. While in the Club, please maintain 2-metre physical distancing at all times and follow all signage, wayfinding, and traffic routes.

With limited services available, members will not be able to access lockers, utilize athletic or recreational facilities and thier lounges, or visit in social areas of the Club. If you require items from your locker, please email us at info@glencoe.org and we will collect your items and arrange a pick-up time for you.

Members entering the Club are not required to wear Personal Protective Equipment but may choose to do so. If you or someone in close contact to you is feeling unwell or has travelled in the last 2 weeks, please do not visit the Club.

We will continue to offer various virtual classes, recipes, and workouts! And we look forward to providing additional Outdoor Recreation activities in June, please stay tuned for updates. All Summer Camps are currently being evaluated to determine what can be offered while following all authoritative guidelines from the Alberta government.

Please always review our weekly emails and website for continued updates and information on our re-opening plans. We look forward to the day when our Club is able to operate ‘normally’ again but until that time your dedicated employee teams are doing all that they can to ensure that we are providing a safe and pleasurable space for our members and employees. Thank you…we look forward to welcoming you home to The Glencoe Club.

Jana-Lyn Fairbairn,
General Manager

Update – April 6, 2020

Moving forward this page will be exclusive for COVID-19 critical updates as they relate and impact the Club or our members. Members can sign in to continue to view and read our "Staying Connected" blog series full of at-home workouts, recipes, tips, activities and more.

Update – March 23, 2020

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily doses of motivation and inspiration with tips, recipes, workouts and more! We miss seeing the Club in action, so we’ve challenged our employees to get social and we’ll be collectively sharing all they have to offer. Connect back by liking and commenting on the posts – we'll do our best to keep them coming!

We are a community inside the Club, and we can still be a community outside the Club.




We know the Glencoe stairs is a popular place for getting in a workout. And we are noticing a lot of people are using them during the Club closure. However, due to the limited space on the stairs, it is nearly impossible to have multiple people using them while still ensuring proper social distancing. We encourage you to find alternate areas to do your workouts to keep yourself and others safe. If you see someone else already on the stairs, arrange to have one using the top half and one using the bottom half. Please be respectful of others trying to access the stairs who just want to pass through. We all play a part in trying to #flattenthecurve.

If you have any questions or need to get a hold of anyone at the Club, please email info@glencoe.org.

Please note, that while we are doing our best to assist you during this time, our response times may be varied. We thank you in advance for your ongoing support and patience.  

Update – March 19, 2020

Throughout The Glencoe Club's history, we have faced many challenges — from the 1962 fire to the flood of 2013. In each of those occasions, Glencoe Members and Employees have risen to the occasion.

While we are in uncharted waters, we will come out the other side. The Glencoe Club will reopen and be better than ever before. Stay safe, stay healthy and we look forward to welcoming you back home.
Our mission is to create exceptional experiences, and we aim to continue to do that even when the Club is closed. While we may all be keeping our social distances and self-isolating, that doesn’t mean we are alone. Opportunities still exist to connect, to engage, and to build community.

The employees of The Glencoe Club are a dedicated bunch! Together we’ve come up with some creative ways to reach out to our members, stay in touch and help each other make the most of these unique and challenging days.

Get Social on Social!
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whether it be a workout, a fitness class, a book to read, or a recipe to make, we hope to share some daily doses of inspiration. We also want to hear from you – our members! Share your ideas on how you’re staying healthy, staying active, and staying positive so everyone can get motivated. Simply tag us and include #GlencoeLife.

We are a community inside the Club, and we can still be a community outside the Club.




Member FAQ - COVID-19 Update

Where can I find information about COVID-19 Club updates?
We are committed to providing timely communication to our membership and employees regarding COVID-19 updates as they relate to the Clubs via email and dedicated pages on our websites. For the most up-to-date Club information, please visit www.glencoe.org/covid19

Can I collect personal items from the Club?
For this week, members will be given the opportunity to collect personal belongings from March 17 – 20 between 8:30 am and 5 pm. Please email info@glencoe.org with your name, account number and location of personal items to arrange pick up. Your items will be bagged by two Glencoe employees and will be placed in storage at Main Reception. Members will be able to come to Main Reception at their pre-arranged time to pick up their items. No access to the Club will be permitted. Additional scheduling updates will be provided weekly.

Will I be issued a proration for my membership dues?
The Glencoe Club is a member-owned, nonprofit organization. The Club relies on its dues to pay for our annual operating costs, which we will continue to incur during this closure, therefore no pro-ration on dues will be issued.

Can I make changes to my membership?
As of March 16, 2020, there will be no membership changes made to accounts at The Glencoe Club.

How can I pay my bill without coming into the Club?
To make an account payment or sign up for automatic credit card payments please email glencoear@glencoe.org. Please be aware that while we will do our best to assist you during this time, our response times may be varied. We thank you in advance for your ongoing support and patience.

Will we be reimbursed for the programs and lessons for which we are currently registered?
Yes, any current and future programming affected by the Club closure will be credited.

Is registration still open for Spring & Summer programs?
Program registration for Spring & Summer will continue online and over the phone as scheduled. Moving forward, program fees will be adjusted and prorated once start dates can be confirmed.

Will any facilities be open for member use during this closure?
No, all facilities will be closed until further notice.

Are all Club events cancelled?
All Club and Private Member Events between now and April 15, regardless of when the Club re-opens, have been cancelled. As new information becomes available, we will assess events after this date and event organizers will be contacted directly with updates.

In addition, due the nature of the event, the Ice Show has, regretfully, been cancelled for this year.

Will renovations continue during the closure?
Yes, the contractors will continue to work on the Main Course renovation as permitted by Alberta Health Services and The City of Calgary.

Will the facilities be maintained and secure during this closure?
Yes, all required maintenance will be completed and essential personnel will be monitoring the Club throughout the closure.

How will our employees be affected by this closure?
The Glencoe Club is committed to supporting employees during this unique and difficult time. There are several initiatives, strategies and options being made available for employees, including a 2-week salary supplement. Additional opportunities and options are being evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Will the Club take this opportunity to clean and sanitize all Club facilities?
Yes, thorough cleaning and sanitization of the Club will be completed.

Can I request a letter of introduction for affiliated clubs?
At this time, the Affiliated Club program is suspended, and letters of introduction will not be issued.

Has a reopening date been established?
No, the Board of Directors and Club Management will continue to monitor the situation and the recommendations of the The City of Calgary, as well as Provincial and Federal health authorities. The situation will be reassessed as new information is received, and we will maintain frequent communication with our members throughout the closure via email and our websites.

Are winter activities open at the Golf course?
While we are all struggling with the COVID-19 crisis, at this time, we have re-opened the ski trails at the Golf Club for member and guest use. Trails will be open from 8 am – 4 pm daily as weather allows. The Clubhouse will remain closed until further notice. Please come out and enjoy the sunshine in this time of self-isolation. Remember to please keep your distance from others and practice your best hygiene while you are on property.

Who do I contact for further information?
Please email info@glencoe.org. This email is monitored and responded to in a timely manner. Please be aware that while we will do our best to assist you during this time, our response times may be varied.

Update - March 15, 2020

As per the latest update from the Alberta Government and the Chief Medical Officer this evening, as well as the statement by The City of Calgary declaring a Local State of Emergency, the Board and Management convened an emergency board meeting to discuss all eventualities and implications for the Club.

After significant deliberation and analysis, as well as the mandated closure of all non-profit health and wellness recreation facilities, The Glencoe Club will close until further notice effective at 12:01 am, March 16, 2020.

Program registration for Spring & Summer will continue online and over the phone as scheduled tomorrow at 7:30 am. Moving forward, program fees will be adjusted and prorated once start dates can be confirmed. Any current programming affected by the Club closure will be credited.

Members will be given access to the Club in the coming days to collect personal belongings. These access times and procedures will be arranged and communicated shortly.

Preparation for The Glencoe Golf & Country Club golf course opening continues and a decision on opening will be made pending weather, turf conditions and the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The Glencoe Golf & Country Club Clubhouse is currently closed and will not open until further notice, in accordance with Alberta Health Services recommendations (at the earliest May 1).

We do understand the significance of this decision and the many questions and concerns that will arise. Please provide us some time to sort out the full logistics of the Club closures. We will provide more details and information as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us through email at:
info@glencoe.org or golf@glencoe.org

Phase 1 Re-opening

For the latest update on cases in Alberta,
please visit here.

For the latest information from Alberta Health Services,
please visit here.

If you know of individuals with specific concerns related to potential exposures or related symptoms, please advise them to call Health Link at 811 for assessment and health advice.