Physiotherapy Clinic

Glencoe Physiotherapy is located in the newly renovated Fitness Centre. Services provided include assessment and treatment of all sports injuries, orthopaedic injuries, muscle and joint problems, back injuries, and motor vehicle accidents.

Special services offered include:

  • FitFORE Golf

  • Acupuncture/IMS Treatments

  • Pre & Post-Operative Orthopedic Assessment

  • "Birmingham Hip" Rehab Program

  • Active Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Deep Water Therapy

  • Muscle Release Therapy

  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy

  • Pelvic Health

  • Concussion Protocol

  • Pre & Post Natal Health

  • Osteoarthritis Treatment Options

  • Exercise Rehab Therapy

  • Prolotherapy

  • Custom-made Hand Splints

  • Athletic Therapy

We have a Sports Medicine Physician available for consultation upon Glencoe Physiotherapy referral. Physiotherapy treatment is not covered by Alberta Health Care, and as The Glencoe Club is a private club, it is not funded by the CRHA. We suggest that you check to see if you have an extended health care plan that covers physiotherapy treatments.

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