NEW Enhanced Program. Only 1 spot available.

The Enhanced Program runs every afternoon, starting September 8, 2020. Especially designed for children of kindergarten age. For more information please contact the Preschool Supervisor at

Welcome to The Glencoe Club Preschool. The preschool is a registered program for children three years old to ECS age. The program is based on a two-year program, starting in the Junior Program when children are three years old, creating first social experiences and learning to be away from home. The Junior Program is two days a week on Tuesday and Thursday, offered trhough an AM or PM Program.

In the second year Children are attending the Senior Preschool Program every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, offered through an AM or PM Program. Children will automatically enroll from the Junior Program into the corresponding Senior Preschool Program. In this year children work on their school readiness concepts such as cutting, shapes and color recognition, more social experiences with peers.

With The Glencoe Club Preschool in this unique location children are exposed to all areas of the club through sports lessons, such as swimming lessons, Squash lessons, Badminton lessons and other physical activities offered within The Glencoe Club. All to create great learning experiences for the children.

Mission Statement

Play, Learn and Develop

It is The Glencoe Club Preschool’s guiding believe that children flourish in a safe, positive and caring environment. We aim to provide an environment that honors diversity, promotes healthy life habits and grows divergent thinking skills, while fostering positive social and emotional bonds.

The keystones in assisting children in their overall development is a program focused on the whole child in an enriched and stimulating environment. Blocks of time encompass structured and unstructured play, individual and group learning activities, daily physical activities and opportunities to socialize and interact with peers.

Through participation in The Glencoe Club Preschool, your child will have the opportunity to develop social and school readiness skills and abilities that will carry with them throughout their life.

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Hours of Operation

Senior AM Program
Monday, Wednesday, Friday CLOSED
Senior/Mixed PM Program
Monday, Wednesday, Friday CLOSED
Junior AM Program
Tuesday, Thursday CLOSED
Junior PM Program
Tuesday, Thursday CLOSED

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