Our multi-purpose skating rink gives members the opportunity to explore multiple ice related sports, including figure skating and power skating.

Our certified skating coaches are available to help athletes develop and perfect the necessary techniques for their sport while tailoring them to fit each individual's unique skating style. The Glencoe Figure Skating Program has several figure skating sessions to accommodate athletes as they develop through the various stages of figure skating. Members may participate in figure skating using our Drop-in Figure Skating sessions.

General skate and Shinny sessions are available through the week for members looking for a more relaxed environment.
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Hello Everyone! First of all, WELCOME BACK TO SKATING! The team is so very excited to be back and to be able to have you all on the ice, even in a slightly different, yet positive way.

We have been given the green light for reintegration back to skating from Skate Canada Alberta. This just means we have in place policies and procedures that will keep you safe, productive and compliant with Alberta Health, Skate Canada and Glencoe standards.

Before you come back to the Club, we need you to become familiar with all the new policies and procedures. The Skating Department has created a few documents that we need you to go over. Plus there are 3 documents that need to be signed before you step on the ice (all are available in the sidebar on the right):
COVID 19 Member Health Compliance Declaration
Skate Canada Assumption of Risk and Waiver
Glencoe Return to Skating Protocol

In addition, once you are registered, these will show up on the confirmation email you will receive. There will be hard copies as well at the Sports Office and you can return them to Connor or Sports Office.

In addition, we held a ZOOM informational call on Thursday which has been recorded on Youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0YJzgmn2pg&feature=youtu.be Some great information and questions are there.

Also, I have done a little welcome back video on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU0xUw2dLDU&feature=youtu.be

Since the creation of the documents and the ZOOM meeting, Skate Canada Alberta hosted an informative Town Hall on Saturday. There have been a few updates and clarifications compared to what we discussed on Thursday’s ZOOM in regards to the way clubs can bring back skating.

First of all, we need you to register with your coach (if you don’t have a coach, you can contact me). This way, we can input you into the system on the time slots where your coach will be able to give you a lesson/supervise you. Alberta Health needs a way to have contact tracing of all members, when they enter and exit the building, and at what times. The best way the Skating Department can manage this is to have you registered in the system for the time you are on the ice. This means NO Drop in Figure Skating, General Skates or Open Shinny at this time, unfortunately.

The numbers on the ice were suggested to cap at 25 from Skate Canada Alberta. This includes everyone on the ice surface including skaters and coaches. We are comfortable with 15 people during phase 1, so will work amongst ourselves to organize the sessions in such a way to not go over this number.

The reintegration back on the needs to be in a slow and organized manner. Skate Canada has created some amazing documents with the help of experts at CSI Calgary, elite coaches, and other stakeholders. They can be found on the Glencoe website under Skating: Skate Canada Reintegration Plan. The Skating department wants you to work together with your coach to come up with a logical return to ice plan which will outline the number of hours you will skate, the focus areas to work on during your sessions to avoid injuries, and the number of skating days per week to have that gradual approach. As we know, everyone is different and at different stages in their development so your plan may not look the same as another skater in the club. But take in mind, all skaters will have a chance to get back on the ice during this Phase under the guidelines, protocols and procedures set out by the coaching team. The goal is to have Phase 1 last till the end of June, then have a holiday week schedule followed by a Summer School schedule much like previous years. We will let you know once these schedules are finalized. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone in the Skating Department if you have any questions or concerns. See you on the ice! The Skating Department


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